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Protect Your Passengers From Viruses, Bacteria

Most people are conscientious about cleaning their surroundings at home and office to prevent virus transfer. What about your car?

Your vehicle is a closed environment perfect for harboring allergens and germs and viruses including COVID-19.

Ready To Serve At Your Convenience

Take advantage of convenient services and April offers to maintain the health of your vehicle during stay-at-home restrictions being implemented nationwide.

April Promotions For Stay-At-Home Savings

Take advantage of new April promotions introducted at Quick Lane of Elk Grove.

The promotions offer a great opportunity to save money on regular maintenance and keep your vehicle operating safely during stay-at-home requirements. 

Have Your Brakes Weathered Winter's Wrath?

The effects of winter weather last long after the daffodils have bloomed. If you have driven through sleet or snow, ice build-up can act like sandpaper on your vehicle's brake pads.

Get a pre-summer brake inspection before hot days strain damaged brake components.